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The introduction of fast, cheap and accessible internet has made big and significant market shifts. Having a traditional brick and mortar shop is not really needed anymore nowadays for starting a business (depending on the business) as more and more people go to the internet to buy the things they need and have it shipped directly to their homes. Online shops are some of the most common types of online businesses that benefit from this. Companies like Amazon have made a living and has thrived in the age of the internet. A good store location generates a lot of foot traffic, but having an online presence opens your business to a global customer base without an overhead cost for rent. Businesses who fail to follow suit experience a slow and painful death as they can see how their sales can slowly grow smaller as months and years go by.

People nowadays have also moved from an acquisition model (buying goods and services) over to a subscription model. The introduction of high speed internet has given way to companies like Netflix or Spotify to dominate the streaming services market by providing their customer's shows or music on-demand, instead of buying or renting a physical copy of the. Blockbuster, a big movie rental chain in the US, used to be a big hit back in the 80s and 90s but is now more or less a relic of the past as video rental was replaced by streaming services. The introduction of the digital downloads and streaming services also killed off the local video game shop and music store.

If you are a company that offers customer relations management services and similar services like accounting or bookkeeping, everything can be done using cloud services. You don't even need an office for this - you can hire home-based employees and save money because you don't need to pay rent and pay for utilities. People also don't need to wake up and prepare themselves and travel to work. This flexibility allowed employees to work even during travel, something very important to business people.

Fast internet connections also allow small businesses to outsource work to other countries, which was usually only available to giant companies. Since most business processes can and are done using software, employees can collaborate over the internet. and as mentioned before, can even work from the comfort of their homes.

The age of the internet and social media also brought changes to how businesses communicate with their customers. Customer service has now shifted into customer engagement. Nowadays it is simply not enough to provide good customer service, but to also engage and talk on a personal level with your clients.

With enough creativity and business IQ, any business can become successful in the age of the internet. So one question remains: what's keeping you from becoming an interpreneur?